Mara is a woman on a mission to follow the unraveling trail of meaning behind her symbolic dreams while trying to save her best friend from self-destruction.

Recovered journals point the way to a forgotten
ancient temple  in Sri Lanka that holds a secret, while a soul-connection across time gives her first-person insight into the mysteries only alluded to in the journals.

Meanwhile, a family grudge threatens the temple's existence, and that of the
wealth rumored to be hidden inside. But is it material wealth, or information to enlighten the world?

Part spiritual adventure, part feminist fairy tale, this
modern-day myth takes you through a mystical series of events from America to India, and on to Sri Lanka spanning four generations.

Along the way it offers metaphorical explanations for simple mysteries of our lives that make up our identities. From seemingly inexplicable friendships to
exotic mixed ancestry, Mara finds the purpose behind it all.

Ultimately the tale offers insight into how each of our souls has at least one connection that echoes across time.


Reviews from Readers

Jonas from Seattle, Washington writes:

     It was such a pleasure to read. I could especially relate to the character of Mara, because she's constantly having to surrender herself to the mystery unraveling around her, and to what seems to be the guidance of a higher design.

     It made me take a look at my own life, as if every seeming random event might have a reason or a meaning, even long layovers in airports. Also, I really like how Malayna Dawn introduces in the story many different cultural and spiritual viewpoints. Throughout the book, the character of Mara seems to keep a keen focus on the similarities of differing cultures and religions, rather than be critical of their differences. That's so refreshing, and needed, especially in this day and age.

     Overall, it was a great read. I'd recommend this book to anybody who likes a good, fast paced mystery and archaeological adventure story.

Press Coverage

From Christine of Burbank, California:   

     An expedition and a romance of a lifetime...or is it lifetimes?

     Just as the heroine, Mara, is led by her ancestors and subconscious self, the author takes her readers by hand and leads them on an adventurous foray into a timeless realm. Followers can't help but identify with Mara on her quest to seek truth and fulfillment in a land where all things may suddenly be possible‚Ķespecially if those things occur on a spiritual level. The satisfying conclusion answers all questions, but then incites another: "What if‚Ķ?"



I was interviewed by Michael Parker on Karma Air about life in Sri Lanka on after the passing of fellow author expat, Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

SLBC Spotlight

For SLBC, Chanakya Jayadeva discusses "Echoes Across Time" with me and two friends after the book launch in Colombo. The friends featured are Dilhan Gunatunga, who MC'd the launch, and Cecilia McGuire, a Scottish expat who provided a reading.

Lesli from West Hills, California says: 

     The author has a great talent for imagery and educates the reader without even making it seem educational! Definitely had me intrigued with the characters and the personal journey that Mara, the lead character, was on. Loved the way that Sri Lanka was described and was impressed with all the details.

Margaret from Woodland Hills, California says: 

     I just finished reading your marvelously interesting book. I loved every word -- and learned a lot. Sri Lanka, of course, to me is totally "another world"-- so far away! It's amazing to me how some people manage to do such interesting things, while the rest of us only "dream." I have been to Hawaii, Europe and Alaska, but never to such romantic places as the Far East. Keep on writing--you are good! I wish you much success.