Monsoon Newsletter continued...

Janne was driving Maarika, Mary & myself back to Colombo after they shared my first day boating with my husband (Yay!), and we caught the parade's start by accident.

If you look closely you can see:
~ the gold umbrellas shining
at the front at the far right of the photo. Can you tell
      they're walking toward a tree-lined street? 
~ the police in khaki separating the foot traffic from the vehicle traffic, creating an
      unusually orderly and peaceful moment on the streets of Colombo.
~ a three-wheeled taxi...and staying in its designated lane...a rare sight indeed.  They're
      often found creating their own lanes, driving along the gutter or occasionally even on
      the sidewalks.

This photo shows the people in white bringing up the rear as they turn the corner.  Many of those pictured here at the end of the line are women, though their shaved heads makes it difficult to tell. 

This section also has sleeves, unlike those at the head of the line.  This could be because they're women, or because they're from another country, or both.